Progress Update

by eliotlucas on February 21, 2021
Since starting back up in January, I've managed to do 13 new comics (equal to the total amount I did for 2011). Here are a few things I've leared since coming back:
  1. My hands hurt after drawing/inking/coloring. I've been breaking drawing/inking and coloring into separate days since both tasks are a bit time-consuming. Not doing it for so long probably hasn't helped.
  2. Horses and tentacle monsters are hard to draw. I remember way, way back when this storyline starting, drawing things I didn't normally draw being one of the main motivators. It's nice to do something that isn't always just people talking to each other.
  3. Don't take a 10 year hiatus.
That's all for now. I hope everyone has been enjoying the comics. It's been fun getting back into it.