About the Author

Eliot Lucas has drawn cartoons and pictures for as long as he can recall. He currently resides in Aberdeen, South Dakota and works as a graphic designer. He originally based the main character on himself and has since come to regret that decision. Send him an email!

General Info

Whatever is supposed to update every Monday. Sometimes Eliot misses an update due to working full-time/being tired from being an adult. Don't hold that against him, he tries real hard.

About Whatever

Whatever began in 2001. The plot revolves around the lives of four young people, following their lives from high school through college and beyond. That being said, the events that take place in the world of Whatever can be far from normal. While the main character shares the same name and is similar to the author, it isn't meant to be him.

Cast of Whatever


Everyone knows a guy like Eliot. He's the guy who's always talking about comic books or movies or some obscure internet fad. He's a good guy, though a bit stubborn and naive.
First Appearance: Harold and his Monkey #36


Amy is the "girl next door" type.  She's very punctual but also knows how to have fun.  Over the past couple years, she's "came out of her shell" and is more outgoing than before. Once posed for a set of artistic nude pictures.
First Appearance: Whatever #62


Lily has a wild and crazy attitude...but it's mostly a facade to hide her identity issues. She can actually be very nice when she feels like it. This former CEO burned down her own company.
First Appearance: Whatever #62


Chris' heart is always in the right place, it just takes his head a little longer get there. A loyal friend to the end. Married to Paige. Is a former rap/death-metal superstar.
First Appearance: Whatever #18


Garret was Lily's boyfriend. He was recently killed by a giant robot. He was a pretty cool dude and he played cool music.
First Appearance: Whatever #273


Paige is Chad's sister and was at one time, Eliot's girlfriend before she dumped him for Clone, who in-turn, dumped her. She and Chris are now married. She almost accidently destroyed the space-time continuum.
First Appearance: Whatever #100


Neal was in the band El Fem Ponys with Lily and Garret. He was recently hunted by a hitman. Kind of a jerk.
First Appearance: Whatever #634


Drea is Whatever's biggest fan. She's in love with Eliot and is secretly plotting ways to have his babies. She recently got married so her secret plans are on the backburner. Her dad might be a wizard.
First Appearance: Whatever #383


Naomi was one of Eliot's friends in the art studio. She fixed his shirts. She recently got married as well.
First Appearance: Whatever #431


Colleen likes webcomics. Now she's in one. She seems to show up every now and then for no apparent reason.
First Appearance: Whatever #163


Eliot's evil clone, known only as Clone. He didn't actually blow up, but time-traveled three years into the future. He was recently carried away by bees to places unknown.
First Appearance: Whatever #27


Trace is a clone of Clone. He's not too bright. He has an unhealthy control over bees. He also time-traveled.
First Appearance: Whatever #264


Replica is a female-child clone of Eliot, who later turned out to be a robot. She was the time-machine that brought Clone and Trace three years foward. It's all very technical.
First Appearance: Whatever #321


Chad used to be Amy's boyfriend and one of the gang, but made a very costly mistake that almost cost Amy her life. Now, he's sitting in jail, regretting his mistakes.
First Appearan
ce: Whatever #174

The Hitman

The Hitman is a huge unkown. Her name isn't even known. Highly dangerous and slightly weird.
First Appearance: Whatever #642


Lexi is Clone's girlfriend. Not much is known about her yet. She seems to be a nice person.
First Appearance: Whatever #702


Don is Lily's dad, who gave her to Amy's Mom after his wife died in childbirth. Lily and Don have recently found each other again.
First Appearance: Whatever #547


Gretta is Garret's kid sister. She's preparing to enter college.
First Appearance: Whatever #442


Quinten is a local photographer. He recently hired Lily as an assistant. He's also pretty gay. Like, he's into dudes.
First Appearance: Whatever #432


Trisha was Paige's roommate in college. She's mean to other people.
First Appearance: Whatever #201


The Gaurdian Angel

The Angel pops in from time to time to help the gang out.
First Appearance: Whatever #243