by eliotlucas on September 8, 2021
I haven't updated the blog on here as much as I thought I was going to. At least I've been pretty consistent with the comic updates, every Monday. I've only missed a few. It would be nice to have more than one comic a week, but I just don't have the time. It was much easier to do 2-3 a week back in college but those comics aren't that great so I guess it evens out.

Why did I stop doing Whatever?

At the time, 2010-11, I was going through a break-up as was the main character in the comic. I thought maybe that would help me work through that, but it just prolonged those feelings. I got busier and busier as I began to try new things and kind of rebuild my personal life and working on Whatever got pushed aside. It was only supposed to be a short hiatus but that became 10 years.

Why did I come back after such a long time away?

2021 is the 20 year anniversary of the start of Whatever and that felt important. I've always had the idea to start again in the back of my mind and really wanted to get back to creating for myself again. Finally, at the start of the year I pushed myself to go for it. I was very rusty at first and it took the first few "remaster" comics to get my muscle memory back. It's been great to be writing and drawing again. It turns out I missed the characters a lot and it's nice to see them doing things again.

How long am I back for?

No idea. I hope to keep going as long as I'm able and have stories to tell, even it's only for me.

Progress Update

by eliotlucas on February 21, 2021
Since starting back up in January, I've managed to do 13 new comics (equal to the total amount I did for 2011). Here are a few things I've leared since coming back:
  1. My hands hurt after drawing/inking/coloring. I've been breaking drawing/inking and coloring into separate days since both tasks are a bit time-consuming. Not doing it for so long probably hasn't helped.
  2. Horses and tentacle monsters are hard to draw. I remember way, way back when this storyline starting, drawing things I didn't normally draw being one of the main motivators. It's nice to do something that isn't always just people talking to each other.
  3. Don't take a 10 year hiatus.
That's all for now. I hope everyone has been enjoying the comics. It's been fun getting back into it.


by eliotlucas on January 10, 2021

Hi! It's sure been a while, hasn't it?
For those just joining us, my last update was in August of 2011. I only planned to take a short hiatus but life interviened and now it's 10 years later. So why come back now? Well, for one, 2021 is the 20th anniversary of the strip and I really want to try and make a go of it again. And two, my original host, ComicGenesis, was sold and subsequently, I'm not longer able to update that site. I found Comic Fury and moved everything over. (I backdated the archives manually, so let me know if something is out of order.) I've also uploaded the first comic I've drawn since I took a break. To get back up to speed, I'm starting by redrawing some of my favorite older comics before I resume the current storyline.
So, there you have it. Whatever is back and hopefully more updates are to come!